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What should I tell them?

How should I tell them?

How much should I say?

These are only some of the countless questions we ask ourselves every time we need to explain to our children the complex processes we and the world we live in are going through.

They can perceive everything that’s going on around them, the emotional load in the environment, our face expressions, body language and what’s left unsaid. Their ability to understand and process all this information is very different than that of adults, as well as their timeline to express emotions.


Key Highlights

We’re proud to present Emotional Kids, the publication you’ve been waiting for. Take a look at the key highlights below to learn more about its contents and benefits, and download your own copy today!

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Educational Reading

Where it Begins

How to open up a dialogue with our children about painful or difficult situations that are part of our lives? We understand you have looked for techniques to do it, and if you are reading Emotional Kids, it’s because you are looking for a different way.

The imaginary world of children’s literature, through fantasy embedded in the narration and manifested in fantastic illustrations, makes possible for children to self identify with the characters, consequently reflecting on multiple situations, detecting different answers and as a result comforting their anxieties. 

Complementing our Emotional Stories, we include a practical guide for parents that will help you respond to your children’s anxieties and needs while nurturing your bond and fostering a love for reading.

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Emotional work 

 Emotional Kids purpose

How you communicate and reflect on the Emotional Stories will prepare you to face mourning, separations, developmental stages, night terrors, new school beginnings, and much more.

As parents we often encounter frustration, meltdowns and obstacles from our children. Our purpose is to walk through this with you, giving these moments a new meaning as an ongoing learning process for both of you.

Engaging and immersing ourselves in our children’s emotions today is healing tomorrow’s adults… Welcome aboard!

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-A Gigantic, Hairy and Scary Bug-

Our new release about Covid-19 and Lock Down

-A Gigantic, Hairy and Scary Bug-

With the changes we are going through the pandemic, the world has become insecure and unknown.


Boys and girls are confined to small spaces and lose much of their exploratory play.


This reading will support and help your kids to identify trough the characters a way to face this world that challenges us.


Atchís ... is a story that seeks through the imagination to recover the adventure, the game and achieve confidence through healthy habits.


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